Florida Roofing

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"That spells a good sign for us keeping oil drilling off our shores.” “We saw what happened with the Deepwater Horizon spill and how even when there isn’t significant damage to our beaches, even the specter of that possibility causes a dramatic drop in our tourism,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-District 23 in aoutheast Florida. The Trump Administration is rapidly working to reduce regulations, with the goal of expanding offshore oil exploration to maintain the U.S.’s ranking as the leading producer of oil and natural gas. “The oil states, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Republicans are very much against the moratorium, and they have very strong influence with the oil and gas industry there and I’m fighting them,” said Rep. Francis Rooney, R-District 19 in southwest Florida. At least twice since the beginning of this year, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had indicated that drilling would not be allowed off the coast of Florida. But, the area is still included in a Trump Administration proposal that would open federal waters along parts of America’s coastline to oil and gas exploration. “Anything that is done administratively can be changed administratively as well and hung up in the courts, and that’s why we need to get a law passed, to protect Florida,” Rooney said. Rooney has proposed legislation that would permanently ban oil and gas drilling off certain areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Florida Roofing

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